Looxii Bamboo Washcloths – for care of every beloved family member!

Soft and tender cloth, yet durable.

12 X12″ – White – 6pcs

Trust me.

Try these bamboo washcloths.

Then you will find out that your baby won’t fight any more when you wash his face with our bamboo washcloths.

Double Layered

Our wash cloths are double layered and hold soap very well. They’re not thin like a lot of normal washcloths to the point you have to continuously put more soap on them.

Incredibly Soft

Amazingly soft, even after a few washings. These wash cloths are like an angels kiss to your baby’s skin, so soft, absorbent and gentle.

Hold up Well

The wash cloths can maintain their shape and color after many uses and many cycles through the washer and dryer. No odor of the cloths out of the packaging. The baby washcloths can hold up in the wash machine with no color fading.

for Sensitive Skin

They’re cuddly and soft as butter, gentle for sensitive skin. Great for washing off makeup or used as washcloths or anything you may want a super soft gentle cloth for.

12×12 Inch

Sized by 12x12inch, these cloths are adorable! Perfect for a newborn! Our baby washcltoths don’t tug or rub raw. Honestly when you get these wash cloths, you will know that they worth every penny!

Looxii Baby Washcloths