Looxii Baby Retractable Safety Gate – Create a comfortable environment for you & your little one!

It’s essential to prepare a safety gate for your little one.

The retractable gate can lock the way of baby and pet. So no more worry about your naughty little one.

Our medium retractable gate expands to 55in/140cm and stands 33in tall.

Our large retractable gate expands to 71in/180cm and stands 33in tall.

Available colors – Grey, White.

Please be sure to measure your opening prior to purchase to ensure proper fit.

Before installation, please read our instruction carefully to ensure the right installation.

Please check the following pictures to see if the baby gate suits your place.


1. Our baby gate set needs screw. Punch installation. Installed by screws only! Please check the place to see if it is suitable for punch installation.

2. Do not install the gate on smooth cylinder, glass, uneven wall or slender iron railing.

3. Do not mount on drywall without wood support.

4. If the gate is installed on a hard wall, please use screws and wall plugs.

5. DO NOT INSTALL IT ABOVE SKIRTING BOARD IF THERE IS SKIRTING BOARD! We have spacers to help install. The baby gate should cling to the floor no matter if there is skirting board or not. Otherwise your pet will slip under the gate.

6. We offer two sets of installation accessories for easy removal and reinstalling of the door, so you can install the door in different places in the house.

Check Before Installation


Grey, White